Vision – Internet of Things und IoT en

Our vision: Change the process of the past.

We dream of a connected world, where…

…overproduction or shortage of energy is no problem.

…tenants can monitor their consumption of energy and water in real-time.

…tenants can change their consumption behaviour based on real-time information.

…tenants do not need to be at home for the reading of their heat or water meters.

…all meters (heat, water, electricity, gas) are online.

…energy bills are not estimated, but based on real-time data.

…all consumption data is safe due to individually encrypted meters.

…all meters, systems and softwares are compatible.

…long lasting contract periods do not exist.

…the billing of heat, water, electricity and gas consumption is done monthly.

…the expenses for the meter equipment and the billing are much lower than the energy costs itself.

…all cost positions of the energy bill are transparent for the tenants.

Internet of Things

That is why we developed enetronx cloud metering.

Internet of Things