Über uns – viel mehr als nur Software zur fernablesung en

enetronx cloud metering is more than a software company.

Innovations. Ideas. Potentials.

enetronx cloud metering is a meter-independent provider of software solutions and other services around consumption billing. We simplify the billing of heat energy, water, electricity and gas for our customers in the housing industry, meter reading service industry and utilities and provide transparency for tenants. We assist our customers on their way to digitisation.

We automatically read-out consumption data every day. The consumption data can be downloaded from the enetronx platform at any time and format and it can also be transferred directly into the IT systems of our customers. We offer various features that make life easier for our customers: we have a tenant portal with actual consumption data. We send out notification, if meters have technical malfunctions. We have a unique security key management to encrypt every meter individually. We make on side appointments for readings redundant.

We assist our customers with the sourcing of meters, installation of meters, maintenance, remote read-out of meters, data management and billing. Our customers always have the option to take over particular or multiple service parts themselves.

In order to evaluate digitisation potential of our customers, we do workshops for various topics. We are pragmatic and develop solutions together that result in actions.


Enetronx was originally founded as company for communication electronics and software development. Since 2010, various solutions in preparation of the internet of things (IoT) have been developed. A little later, the company focussed on systems and components for the automatic meter reading. Several battery-powered gateways, repeater and notes were developed and produced as well as new electricity meters.

In 2014, the hardware business was sold to a leading German meter manufacturer. Today, we do not produce our own hardware anymore, but work together with many meter manufacturer. This has a reason: in 2014, we started the development of our device-independent meter reading software „enetronx cloud metering“. The software was launched in 2016 and is available in the European market.