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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does enetronx work?

enetronx connects meters and consumers, utilities and providers via the internet.

How many meters can be handled in enetronx?

enetronx is designed for an unlimited number of meters.

How often can meter reading be done with enetronx?

Most clients ask for meter reading once a day. It is possible to do it a few times per hour, if required. Currently we have a project where the clients asked for 10 times meter reading per hour.

Is enetronx a Head End System?

Yes, among other things it is a cloud based head end system.

We make meters. Is it possible to make repeating meter reading simple for our clients?

enetronx can help you to have satisfied and loyal customers by making meter reading a very simple process. Meters serve to record the energy consumption data and enetronx takes care that these data come quickly and safely to your customers. Please contact Enetronx GmbH to

  1. enable enetronx for your meters,
  2. customize enetronx for your needs (logo, certain functions and features, etc.).

Why is it not necessary to install enetronx on a computer?

enetronx is a internet based solution. It is possible to use it on every computer with an internet browser.

We would like to use enetronx for our clients. Is it possible to give enetronx our brand?


What kind of devices does enetronx monitor?

Water meters, gas meters, electricity meters, heat meters, heat cost allocators, sensors of all kind.

Who gets all the data?

Our client owns the data. This can be a utility, a meter service provider or landlord. If our client decides that the energy consumer is allowed to access the data this could be done via smartphone app or web.

What happens after meter reading?

Usually the data are used for billing and analysis.

Can energy consumption data stored in enetronx?

Yes, if the clients wishes.

Is it possible to administrate the contracts for energy supply?

If this is a wish by a client it can be done.

How often is enetronx updating energy consumption data?

It depends on clients wishes. It could be done every 5 minutes. For sub-metering it is usually done once per day.

When is the meter reader scheduled to visit consumers?

If enetronx is used no meter readers need to visit consumers.

Is it possible to conclude on consumption based on meter data?

Yes. Meter data are used for billing.

Is a billing system integrated in enetronx?

There are a lot of very professional billing systems on the market. enetronx can integrate with most of them. enetronx is purely for automatic meter reading and is designed to support a lot of devices and make it very easy and cost efficient to use.

Can I use external billing systems?


After ultimo: how quickly can a billing be done?

By using enetronx now billing will be based on real consumption data, not estimates or extrapolations. If the billing system supports high performance computing it should be possible to have all bills done and sent out (preferably by email) a very short time after ultimo. This would create extraordinary consumers satisfaction.

Who would send out the consumers invoices?

The energy supplier, i.e. the energy utility or landlord or meter service provider.

As a consumer: how can I review my invoice?

enetronx can support access to real consumption data. This is up to your utility, landlord or metering service provider to give access. Your energy supplier might charge extra for this service.

What meters and sensors work together with enetronx?

Basically all meters and sensors which have more communication than just a display. But even for display meters there are solutions out there on the market for automatically reading and send over to enetronx.

Most common meters are water meters, gas meters, heat meters, heat cost allocators and electricity meters.


Why is it necessary to install meters at the site?

Energy is a valuable product. The producers and distributors of energy want to get payed for their products and services. To get the information about the amount of consumption it is necessary to install meters at the site of consumption. To collect the information for billing in a lot of cases around the world a meter reader is sent out to take a look at the meter and write down the consumption. This can be changed with enetronx.

In a lot of countries there is regulation about the live span of meters to protect the consumers. Consumer protection regulation has evolved from consumers complains about wrongful meter data and too high invoices about energy. For instance in Germany every 5-6 years the water meters need to be replaced. Also this is only possible by going to the site and actually do it.

Is it possible to use old heat cost allocators with enetronx?

Yes, if they communicate by certain means of RF.

What is a heat cost allocator?

Heat cost allocators are devices attached to individual radiators in buildings that measure the total heat output of the individual radiator. Heat cost allocators can be either electronic, where two electronic thermosensors and a microcontroller are used to calculate the heat consumption of radiator by the temperatures of radiator and air in room, or evaporative, where a special, calibrated liquid in a capillary tube records the total heat output of the radiator.

Source: wikipedia

How is an electronic meter powered?

They are usually equipped with batteries. The batteries should work through the whole live span of the meter, for instance 10 years for a heat cost allocator.

Is the RF radiation dangerous?

Radio frequency emitted by smart meters is well below the limits set by regulators and it is below levels produced by other common household devices like cell phones, baby monitors, satellite TVs, and microwaves. In fact, you would have to be exposed to the radio frequency from a smart meter for 375 years to get a dose equivalent to that of one year of 15-minutes-per-day cell phone use.

Why does it need a gateway device to collect meter data?

The gateway device is needed for the communication between the meter and enetronx. In case meters have their own internet connection like a Wlan chip or mobile network connection a gateway wouldn’t be necessary. Thus meters could connect directly with enetronx. Until now such meters are only available in electricity metering.

What are the requirements for gateways?

Gateways should be able to collect and concentrate data from meters by appropriate means of communication. The meter data should be stored for a while and then handed over to enetronx. On meter side mostly wireless means of communications like wireless M-Bus with 868 MHz and OMS are widely used.

On enetronx-side the gateway can communicate via mobile networks, DSL, cable or power line communications. Please contact Enetronx GmbH if there are additional questions or if you want to use enetronx for your communications devices.

How do the meter data arrive in enetronx?

In most cases this is done with the help of so called gateway devices. On one side the gateway devices communicate with the meters, collect data and concentrate them, preferably by wireless radio. On the other side they communicate with enetronx via Internet, DSL, mobile networks or else.

We have a new gateway device. How can we use enetronx for our clients?

It is very easy to integrate new gateway devices into enetronx and make use of them for clients. Please contact Enetronx GmbH to discuss they right way to just do that.

Our meters communicate in a proprietary protocol. Can we use enetronx?

Yes. We might need to do some small changes in the software. But it is normally no problem.

We need some changes in enetronx for our company. Can you do that?

Yes, we can do that. We have a highly qualified software development team waiting for your requests.

We want to develop sigfox meters. Can sigfox meters be used in enetronx?

Yes. It would be not a big technical problem and brings a lot of advantages for your clients. Sigfox meters could be used without gateways.

We have our own-developed billing system. Could you provide data interfaces?

Yes. This is one of our core competencies, because as a provider of a cloud based AMR system our software needs to communicate with a lot of different software systems. Anyway, since you have an own-developed software system, we need to see your software first and decide then how much effort it takes.

Can the enetronx UI be altered that it fits our corporate design?

Yes, no problem.