Die Enetronx Cloud Metering kompatible Geräte en

An overview of compatible meters and devices, standards and norms.

If you purchase the meters yourself, please ask the manufacturer always for an enetronx cloud metering compatible configuration (what is usually the standard setting). In case of questions, please ask us or read the instructions.

Your devices are not listed? Please contact us.

Kompatible Standards und Normen

Gateways, Datalogger, Repeater, Impulsadapter, Impulszähler


Wasserzähler und Funkaufsatzmodule

Compatibility, standards and norms.

Gateways, repeater, adapters, impuls meters

Heat meters

Water meters and radio modules

kompatible Geräte


Sensoren & Sonstiges


Electricity meters

Sensors & others

Heat cost allocators

kompatible Geräte