Cloud Metering – unser Beitrag zur Digitalisierung der Wohnungswirtschaft en

Cloud metering – our innovation.

We are innovative, believe in open systems and share our solutions. That is why we offer our cloud-based IT infrastructure as software-as-a-service to other meter reading companies, utilities and the housing industry. With enetronx cloud metering, our customers can access energy consumption data at all meters. We are device-independent and provide the data in any format you need. Our customers can also download the data at any time or transfer it through our standardised interfaces into other systems.

Our cloud metering software is a professional solution for data storage, data management and data provision. With us, you can easily receive daily energy consumption data and use the data for your own tenant portals, apps or billing software.

Moreover, you can have a look at your flats on a daily base. In addition to meters, you have the opportunity to install also sensors and monitor the condition of your flats.

If you wish, we can also install our cloud metering software on your own server if you have 50.000 devices or more.

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Our IT architecture is set up for millions of flats and devices.