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It is Enetronx Cloud Metering.

Automatic Meter Reading

enxlive connects energy meters with consumers and utilities. Consumers never get bothered again with a visit in their most private rooms for manual meter reading. After installation energy metering works automatically for many years to come.

Lower Cost

Initial capital expenditure and running cost is lower with Enetronx Cloud Metering. enxlive is payed per use. It reduces significantly operational activities. Tempering of meters and meter read outs will drop significantly.

Real Time Meter Data

Billing can be based on near real-time consumption rather than on estimates based on past or predicted consumption. Coupled with business intelligence it can help both utilities and customers’ better control the use and production of energy.

Monitoring and Asset Management

enxlive takes care for more then the real time collection of meter data. Besides that the function and availability of meters and communication of millions of devices is permanently monitored.

How does it work?

Enetronx Cloud Metering – enxlive – works for all types of energy – water, gas, heat, oil and electricity. It connects energy meters with energy producers and energy users. It provides transparency for all. It is easy to use, safes money and helps to invent new business models for energy distribution and tarifs.


Why are we doing this?

Conventional meter reading is a labor-intensive process. And there is a growing problem of gaining access to the homes. This has led to a large rise in estimated bills, re-reads, lost revenues, and undetected meter tampering or theft. Furthermore, the lack of transparency leads to unwanted high energy consumption and waste of capital. Overall, the energy bill will be lower for consumers with the help of enxlive.


Enetronx Cloud Metering

enxlive helps to connect meters with energy providers by means of cloud meter reading. It is a cloud based smart metering system for submetering and utilities. Its the perfect product for landlords, for residential complexes, for real estate managers and utilities to make live easier and to have happy energy consumers. enxlive gathers consumption data from various sources like water, gas, heat or electricity. enxlive ensures lower cost, transparency, better costumer service and yet unknown new business models.



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